Political Science

Majoring in political science can lead to professions as diverse as lawyer, Foreign Service officer, state legislator, public opinion analyst, journalist, city planner, pollster or lobbyist.

VSU’s political science curriculum is designed to help students develop the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to reason logically and think critically about the important questions and problems of our day.

Political science majors at VSU learn to develop their writing and public speaking skills, and also acquire new skills in quantitative research. Field trips to events such as the annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Forum also give them chances to broaden their perspectives and to become politically active.

Through a senior thesis requirement and internships, students participate in the practical analysis of contemporary public problems, and experience the hands-on challenges of public policy and management.

Students in the BA program are not required to complete an internship, but it is highly recommended. The department works with the City of Richmond and Chesterfield County, as well as law firms and other private entities in Virginia, Washington D.C. and New York City to provide summer internships to its students. In D.C., for example, students could have the opportunity to work with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In the spring, students can opt for an internship with the Virginia General Assembly.

The minor program in political science is specifically designed to give the non-political science major the opportunity to complement his or her major course work by broadening their knowledge and understanding of government, public policy, and current and international issues. The program requires 18 credit hours.

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