Welcome to the Department of Nursing

We provide a five semester part-time curriculum for the Registered Nurse (RN) to further their education and obtain the BSN degree. This degree completion program is completely online. The curriculum is in alignment with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing guidelines for baccalaureate prepared graduates.  The Department of Nursing is one of four departments within the College of Natural and Health Sciences.

The department offers the RN-BSN completion program only. The program is taught through distance education with VSU Online. All faculty in the department are credentialed in online teaching and learning practices. Through asynchronous instruction, the learners complete two- three credit courses, one course every eight weeks each semester. Each semester, the learner completes six credits.

The goal of the Department of Nursing is to prepare professional nurses to deliver safe and effective patient centered care across the lifespan. The focus is on opportunities for inclusive healthcare practices in rural and urban settings. Teaching-learning experiences include academics and practicums in diverse community settings. The program embodies interprofessional collaboration through evidence-based practice. 

Nursing is very important to our community. Providing online part-time instruction gives the working RN the opportunity to maintain their employment while expanding their level of educational preparation. Graduates who complete the BSN are eligible for advancement within their practice setting and the foundation to further their education to obtain the master’s or doctoral degree. There is a great demand for nurse educators and advanced practice nurses. Many healthcare settings require the BSN for advancement. According to a recent Gallup poll (nurse.com), nursing is one of the most trusted professions.