Programs Offered     

There are a number of undergraduate programs in the History and Philosophy Department.


  • The regular History curriculum leads to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in History and prepares students for graduate work and for careers as teachers, historians, archivists, and professionals in related areas.
  • The History and Social Sciences Endorsement curriculum leads to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in History and Social Sciences with a Minor in Secondary Education. The program prepares students to teach in the secondary schools and for careers in related fields.


  • The Minor in History provides a structured sequence of courses that gives the student a broad exposure to the discipline of history. Students acquire a general exposure to United States and World history, historical methodology, and courses in areas of special interest to them. Analytical thinking and writing skills are acquired, preparing students for advanced professional studies in history even though their undergraduate major may be in another discipline.
  • The Minor in Philosophy enables students to broaden their academic and professional options.  As a structured sequence of philosophy courses, the Minor provides an opportunity for students to develop their critical thinking, analytical abilities, and effective communication.  People trained in philosophy are very much in demand for professions such as law, journalism, publishing, banking, civil service and many others.

In addition to these formal programs, the Department offers courses to prepare students for other career options.