Department Objectives

The objective of the department is centered on a common Conceptual Framework that is aligned with the mission of the University, to prepare effective reflective practitioners who are competent, caring and culturally-responsive. 

The Unit’s Conceptual Framework is continually evolving as it is influenced by current research on teacher education and feedback from advisory boards, evaluations from clinical faculty partners from the school districts, and other community stakeholders. The department’s overall objective is research-based and grounded in the following basic tenets:

  1. To provide candidates with the tools necessary to become reflective practitioners that are competent, caring, and effective.
  2. To prepare candidates who exhibit adequate knowledge of subject specific content.
  3. To develop candidates that foster a respect for diversity and cultural differences including gender, ethnicity, race, socioeconomics, and exceptionalities that will assist in meeting the needs of all people for an evolving global community.
  4. To cultivate candidates that promote the application of research and evidence based practices in their post graduate careers.
  5. To prepare candidates that will be able to use educational and informational technology to enhance student learning and use technology based assessments for data driven decision making.
  6. To produce candidates that will demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and respect for the accepted legal and ethical norms in education, schools, and communities.
  7. To develop candidates that are critical thinkers committed to service and value lifelong learning.